Knowing God the Holy Spirit


Course Details

Instructor:  Greg Howell

Start Date: Day, Month dd, yyyy

Duration:  Meets weekly for 12 classroom sessions 

Time:  7:00 - 9:00 PM


Primary: To be detemined

Secondary:  To be determined 

Textbook(s):  Charles Ryrie, The Holy Spirit (Moody Press 1997 revised edition); available in Kindle version.  Optional: Wayne Grudem, Bible Doctrine (Zondervan 1999); John Owen, The Holy Spirit (1647) [also known as Pneumatologia available in PDF format from].

Cost:  $100 plus textbook(s)

Course Summary

This course is an introduction into the theology of the Holy Spirit and is part of the Systematic Theology courses organized around the core Christian belief in the Trinity. The goal of the course is to enable students to articulate: 

  • A biblical understanding of the Person of the Holy Spirit. 

  • The work of the Holy Spirit as distinct from the other members of the triune God-head.

  • The differences between the various ways the Holy Spirit interacts with mankind.

  • The importance of the Holy Spirit’s interaction in the church and the world today and in the end-times.

The class will involve 10 classroom sessions meeting weekly for lecture and discussion.  Students will be encouraged to select an aspect of the Holy Spirit as a paper topic or a presentation to the class.

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Course Schedule                                                               Course Outline
  • Preliminary Considerations

  • Biblical Words

  • The Personality of the Holy Spirit

  • The Deity of the Holy Spirit

  • The Work of the Holy Spirit

  • The Spirit’s Work in the Believer

  • The End Times and the Holy Spirit