Mentored Ministry Project

Course Details

Instructors:  Jelmer Groenewold & Greg Howell.

Start Date:  To be determined by the instructors and individual students.

Duration:  Meets for 10 weeks.

Cost:  $100 (students are responsible to get their own textbooks)

Course Summary

This course is an applied ministry project, much like an internship. It is intended for students who completed the curriculum in Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, and Practical Theology. Instead of time spent in the classroom in the classroom, this project requires students to spend time serving in their local church in partnership with their leadership. Examples of projects may include: planning a retreat, leading a small group, or teach a Sunday School class. The project should help students think carefully about how their studies at Ezra Bible Institute can be used in local church ministry for many years to come. The Ezra Bible Institute instructors will oversee the project and communicate with the appropriate local church leader as to the student's progress.