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Ezra Bible Institute is a theological school serving local churches in Central Washington. We take our name from Ezra 7:10, where Ezra is described as a man who sets his heart on three tasks: studying, obeying, and teaching the law of the Lord. In the same way, Ezra Bible Institute comes alongside local churches to equip Christians for studying, obeying, and teaching Scripture in their local ministry.

We work with all interested students to provide a college-level introduction to Biblical and theological studies. Over the course of our program, you will learn methods for studying the Bible, survey both the Old and New Testament, study major issues in theology (such as the person and works of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), and gain practical skills and experience for ministering in your local church.

If you are interested in growing in your faith, studying the Bible, learning theology, and being equipped for future church ministry, then Ezra Bible Institute may be the program for you. Please contact us for further information and to register for your first course!

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Our History

Ezra Bible Institute began as a vision of several local church pastors in the Yakima Valley. Each of them have served as pastors for many years in central Washington and they independently identified the need for a theological school in the area. Because there are no Christian colleges or seminaries in central Washington, the options are limited for Christians who want to study theology and equip themselves for ministry in their local churches. There is a clear need for churches to find a way to work together to offer theological training in this area.

A meeting was held in the fall of 2014 for pastors who might want to work together to address this need, and from that meeting a steering committee was born. The steering committee consisted of five pastors from three denominations who all shared the same vision: developing a program of study that will be non-denominational, rigorous, and attuned to the local church needs of our region. The committee has worked steadily toward building an identity for the school and developing the program of study.

In the future, Ezra Bible Institute aims to be an independent, non-profit school that will work toward strengthening all evangelical churches in central Washington.

The Institute is currently guided by a permanent board that is always looking for additional ministry partners including local churches, instructors, students, and supporters. For the last two years, Ezra Bible Institute has also sponsored a Discern Conference featuring a nationally known biblical scholar.


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PhD from University of Aberdeen, Highland Theological College

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DMin from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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DMin from Fuller Theological Seminary



BA History from Washburn University

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